Experience includes practicing law, management, training, recruiting, administrative assistance, customer service, sales, advertising/marketing, and events planning.

Ability to lead and support, work cohesively with a variety of counterparts, and communicate with diverse audiences through various mediums.

Track record of solving complex problems by determining best and worst case scenarios, recognizing and mitigating potential risks, and developing proactive business strategies.

May 2006

Michigan State University College of Law

East Lansing, MI

  • Juris Doctor, graduated Cum Laude.
  • Mediation Training – Conducted by the Dispute Resolution Center of Central Michigan.
  • Moot Court Activities: Moot Court Class Oral Argument Competition (First Place among 80 students); 1L Oral Argument Competition (Second Place out of approximately 280 students); National Moot Court Appellate Competition (Semi-finalist, Pepperdine National Entertainment Law Competition, Fall 2005); Regional Moot Court Trial Competition (Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Spring 2005).
  • Admitted to Colorado Bar fall of 2006, maintain inactive license.
December 2002

Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI

  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising
  • Emphasis in Public Relations
  • Graduated Cum Laude
April 2013 – Present

Verizon Wireless

Grand Rapids, MI
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Interim Operations Specialist
  • Retail Sales Representative
2010 – Present
2000 – 2005
1996 – 1999

Studio 28 / Celebration! Cinema Rivertown

Wyoming / Grandville, MI
  • Job Coach / Special Projects
  • Assistant Manager
  • Guest Relations
April 2013 – Present

Carolyn Gaston & Associates

Grand Rapids, MI
  • Paralegal /Unlicensed Associate Attorney
  • Law Clerk
2009 – 2011

randell bartlett & benu

Arvada, CO
  • Attorney Recruiter
2007 – 2009

Bailey & Peterson, P.C.

Denver, CO
  • Associate Attorney

Human Resources and Management

  • Manage up to 100 employees of various ages and backgrounds.
  • Recruit and interview for applicants who will fill the organization’s needs while positively contributing to culture and growth.
  • Facilitate staff orientations, introducing staff to culture, expectations, and day to day operations.
  • Run training seminars and lead teaching moments to foster continuous improvement.
  • Educate employees and customers on technical and / or complex subject matter.
  • Lead teaching moments to foster continuous improvement.
  • Hold staff responsible for expectations set during training and ongoing communications.
  • Delegate tasks based on individual strengths and opportunities for growth, follow up on assigned tasks to ensure completion and coach on performance.
  • Evaluate and address staff performance and behavior with tailored feedback delivered through verbal communication, written notices, action plans, and terminations.
  • Motivate team with praise, recognition, staff incentives, and team events.


  • Demonstrated high level of written, verbal and interpersonal skills to communicate information, ideas, procedures and processes in a logical sequence; at a level appropriate to the audience and resulting in effective working relationships.
  • Interpret and correctly react to people, incidences or situations that are open to misunderstanding due to cultural differences.
  • Synthesize large amounts of data into oral or written presentations.
  • Speak to a range of audiences, in formal or informal settings, and with varying objectives.
  • Write training manuals and facilitate training seminars; lead staff orientations.
  • Draft legal documents including pleadings, contracts, internal memoranda, settlement offers, governing documents for condominium associations, and zoning ordinances.

Effect Transformational Change

  • Identify business strengths and weaknesses through observation, surveys, and conversations with employees.
  • Determine changes required to develop business, team, and culture.
  • Investigate and overcome barriers to change; create and implement strategies to eliminate or work around obstacles; build consensus from all stakeholders.
  • Coach supervisors to encourage proactive thinking and maintain consistent standards.
  • Set measurable goals and build systems to track progress and increase accountability.

Critical Thinking

  • Analyze and apply complex laws and regulations to everyday situations.
  • Research all aspects of an issue to highlight arguments and counter-arguments before deciding on the best course of action.
  • Respond to quickly changing situations by prioritizing related dynamics, making quick decisions, and executing plans of action.
  • Manage projects including multi-million dollar litigation, team assignments, policy changes, and special events.
  • Develop systems to catalogue inventory, maintain documents, and improve client billing.

Contribute to Growth

  • Increase profitability by identifying underutilized assets, minimizing redundancies, and checking all ongoing expenses for available cost savings.
  • Evaluate advertising opportunities and select best options for organization; create relevant brochures, advertisements, flyers, and websites.
  • Plan and host special events for up to 200 guests, network on behalf of organization, cultivate relationships to build community support.
  • Examine growth potential and launch innovative programs to capitalize on opportunities.

Over the course of more than fourteen years, Amanda has demonstrated superior management techniques, a strong devotion to helping others, and a remarkable ability to coordinate events with other agencies. My professional relationship with Amanda required us to coordinate with other businesses for promotional purposes. Amanda was always eager to take the lead in reaching out to these businesses and committing countless hours to working out the logistics involved in order to incorporate both our company’s needs, as well as those who we were partnering with. Amanda’s positive attitude and intense motivation fosters a very effective and enjoyable team atmosphere which makes her a true asset to any company. Always willing to take on new challenges, Amanda’s intrinsic motivation continues to be demonstrated by her desire to operate within a non-profit organization helping others; where I believe her true passion resides. Amanda’s invaluable insight and attention to detail compliments her management techniques by continuously implementing innovative procedural revisions to improve the efficiency of operations at Celebration! Cinema. Implementation of her procedural revisions has brought significant positive changes in both the output of productivity and the overall synergy among the team. On a personal level, Amanda continues to be my most reliable associate that I can always confide in and obtain assistance from whenever needed. With great admiration for Amanda, I know whole heartedly she is more than capable of conquering any presented objective and effectively advancing any given mission.

‐ Justin Salas

In my time practicing law, Amanda English has been present for every major milestone, and has supported me through every disaster. When we first practiced together, she helped me get past difficult personalities so I could see the work that needed to be done – and even enjoy it. When I moved to a different firm, she counseled me through that transition and helped me know I made the right decision. When the economy turned and I lost my job, Amanda’s editing skills changed the responses I received on my resume dramatically. Instead of one or two interviews a month, I had one or two a week. I credit my current position to Amanda’s skills with language and her ability to tailor a document to the audience. She is loyal, thoughtful, creative, kind, and sees solutions where others see disaster. I have been fortunate to work with her and I hope to work with her again in the future.

‐ Lindsay S. Smith

As a just-out-of-law-school attorney, especially in a down economy, getting a job is obviously the primary goal, and a key part of reaching that goal is having an outstanding resume. My resume was in decent shape but wasn't getting any results ... until I met Amanda. Amanda took one look at my sad, single piece of paper and went to work with creative and unusual suggestions to make my resume stand out of the crowd. She was energetic, communicative, and as excited about updating my resume as I was. She explained the very sound reasons behind all her suggestions, and led me in the right direction without forcing her opinions on me. Sure enough, the first job I submitted the revised application to called to schedule an interview!

‐ Sarah Gibson